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Landmark Trust USA (LTUSA), as owner of the 571 acre Scott Farm, is well aware of its connection to and reliance on the local community and the good will of the Farm’s neighbors and, therefore, we have looked for those opportunities that can enhance relationships as well as provide opportunities.

For example, we have partnered with The Stone Trust, that works to enhance understanding about dry-stone walling and provide certification to those interested in learning this age-old skill. They hold workshops on the Scott Farm repairing dry stone walls like this one near the Dutton Farm House. Dry stone walling is their passion and they have created displays, features, of their craft in easily accessible locations on the Farm near the Farm Market, across the ponds, and under the 1862 Barn. We invite you to explore their work and this link to our historic landscape.

The Stone Trust is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization based on Scott Farm in Dummerston Vermont, The Stone Trust has been teaching Dry Stone Walling since 2010.  Our mission is to preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling.  We do this through an ever expanding program of educational events and outreach projects.

The Stone Trust Center is the only facility in North America that provides year round dry stone wall educational and training opportunities for all levels and abilities.  Our training Center is also the only location in North America to regularly hold Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain (DSWA-GB) Certification Tests.  For those not familiar with the DSWA-GB, it has become the international standard for Dry Stone Walling Certification   We are also the only location outside of Great Britain that offers DSWA-GB Instructor Certification.  The Stone Trust is where the wallers come to learn how to teach dry stone walling!
Our beautiful Dummerston, VT, facility is located on Scott Farm.   There we have an amazing variety of dry stone walls and features.  Inside the historic 1862 barn we run basic workshops and tests without having to worry about the weather.  Outside the barn we also hold workshops and tests in our Master Features Park.  There we have many sections of walls with the features that are included in Advanced and Master Craftsmen level tests.  Walls are built with many types of Stone, and we are now expanding to include walls built with different construction methods, such as the Scottish Galloway Dyke.  There is even a mini-walling area where visitors can build out of small stones at table height so that the principles of dry stone walling can be experienced by everyone – even those who can’t pick up heavy stones.  Each year we schedule about  15 workshops and 3 test days.   Online registration is quick and easy.  Also check out all the benefits of becoming a member  including saving 10% on most workshop registrations.
The Stone Trust Center is open for self guided tours from 9am-5pm.  Visitors are amazed by what they find at The Stone Trust.  There is no where else like it.  In the countryside within a few miles of The Stone Trust are several fantastic dry stone features and walls.  Pick up a map at the Center and take yourself on a tour of local stonework attractions!  With its vast heirloom apple orchards, the Scott Farm is in bloom in early May and busy with activity harvesting from July – October.  Rent a beautiful historic building from the Landmark Trust USA for your next weekend vacation and come experience all that The Stone Trust has too offer.
Contact info:  (802) 490-9607
Brian Post, Executive Director
The Stone Trust
707 Kipling Rd
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