707 Kipling Road
Dummerston, VT 05301
(802) 254-6868


Our 571 acre property is home to 23 historic structures and hillside orchards heavy with fruit. We offer you the best in locations for an indoor or outdoor wedding, a small social event or seminar, as well as historic house rentals. The aerial views (by Michaela Medina) give you a clear view of the heirloom orchard and surrounding landscape.

Scott Farm produces 90 varieties of ecologically grown apples – heirloom apples such as Roxbury Russet, Belle de Boskoop, and Cox’s Orange Pippin and unusual apples like Winter Banana and Hidden Rose – some of the finest in color, texture, and taste. Other fine fruits include quince, gooseberries, medlars, Asian pears, plums, raspberries, elderberries, table grapes, pears, blueberries, nectarines, and peaches and all of thee are available at our Farm Market.

Lastly, we would really like you to know who we are, Kelly, Zeke, Dusty, Moca, Tristam & Maegan, the administrative operational portion of the team that every year offers our heirloom apples, fruits, workshops, events, and sincere hospitality. Come visit, explore and shop for lunch at the newly designed Farm Market, and then picnic on the lawns, the rock walls or by the ponds; you are always welcome!