Fruit Tree Sale

apple blossom

Annual Fruit Tree & Perennial Sale
Saturday May 5, 2018, 9am – 12pm

Scott Farm will hold its 17th Annual Fruit Tree and Perennial Plant Sale on May 5, 2018  from 9am – 12pm.  The sale will feature the best quality bare root trees available and potted perennials. Zeke Goodband, the orchardist at Scott Farm, will answer plant growing questions and provide sage advice on planting and tree care throughout the sale.

No reservations required, first-come, first-served.

Please note: The following sale list is from 2017 and will be updated when more information is available, so please check back!


Honeycrisp – Crisp, sweet and keeps well.  Honeycrisp tends to bear fruit earlier than most and needs very little pruning.  Moderately resistant to apple scab. Non-vigorous and late blooming.  One of the easiest apples to grow.  Ripens Mid- September.  $30 each

Northern Spy – A favorite variety of northern growers since the 1830’s. Crisp and juicy with excellent flavor. The tree is upright, very vigorous and winter hardy. The best use for this apple is for cooking, though it is admired for eating as well.   One of the best all-purpose apples.  Ripens mid- October   $30- each

Ashmeads Kernel – One of our most popular apples.  Crisp, with a fine-grained flesh and sprightly flavored.  Medium sized fruit with brown russeting, it keeps extremely well. Scab resistant. Ripens early October.  $50 each

Black Oxford – Handsome traditional sweet apple from Maine. Dark purple skin. Good disease resistance. Keeps very well.  It’s a favorite for eating, cooking and making cider. Ripens Mid- October.  $50 each

Cox’s Orange Pippin – Medium sized all purpose fruit which is red-orange. Crisp and juicy. A favorite in our tastings.  We usually begin picking Cox’s around the third week of September when they are still tart.  When picked later in September or early October, the apples are sweeter with a light pear flavor.  $50 each

Esopus Spitzenburg – Thomas Jefferson’s favorite apple. Crisp and juicy, medium-large with a bright red conic shape.  One of our favorite all purpose apples, with excellent flavor. Keeps well. Ripens early October.  $50 each

Chestnut Crab – Creamy white flesh is fine-grained and crisp, with a sweet, nut-like flavor.  Rowan Jacobsen, in his book Apples of Uncommon Character, describes the flavor as being like “peach pie on a graham cracker crust.” Its great for fresh eating, cooking or making jams. Tree is vigorous and hardy and adapts well to different soil types. Ripens in early September. Self-pollinating.  An excellent pollinator for other apples.  $30 each


Flaming Fury – Freestone, good size fruit with yellow flesh. Resistant to bacterial spot. Ripens late August, early September. $30 each

Contender – This is a hardy variety with yellow flesh, perfect for northern gardens, with sweet, juicy, medium-to-large fruit.  Ripens third week in August. $30 each


Au Rosa – a dark red plum, medium to large in size. Trees are very vigorous, spreading and productive. $30 each

Methley – An early plum with fine quality and appearance. The fruit is purple with red, sweet flesh and very juicy with a distinctive flavor. Ripening in early to mid July, Methley is self fruitful. $30 each


Seckle – A small pear with rich yellowish-brown skin when fully ripe. One of the best quality dessert pears and easiest to grow. Ideal for the home garden. Tree is vigorous, hardy and productive. Ripens early September. $30 each

Harrowcrisp – Fruit has very attractive finish with a red blush over smooth yellow skin and the flavor is mildly sweet. Tree is hardy, productive and has proven resistant to fire blight. $30 each


Duke – (early season)

Bluecrop – (mid-season)

Bluegold – (late season)

*Not yet priced


Heritage – Luscious flavor and heavy yields. Plants produce berries on old canes in early summer and on new canes August through frost. Vigorous and hardy. Self-pollinating

* Not yet priced


Little Miss Figgy – Ripens in mid-September. Disease resistant and self-pollinating. Produces a dark purple fig with a strawberry colored flesh.

Vern’s Brown Turkey –  Reliable and productive. Bears large, sweet and flavorful, dark brown figs with light amber flesh. Often produces two crops a year.

Peter’s Honey Fig – Ripens mid August through the first frost. Beautiful, shiny, greenish yellow fruit when ripe with a dark amber flesh. Very high quality, superb for eating fresh. Can produce an early second crop. Self- pollinating.

*Not yet priced



Pardon my Purple

Mon Amie Blue

* Not yet priced


Sweet Romance


* Not yet priced


Northwind – Tall, narrow upright. Dark, olive green foliage. Flower panicles in the summer. Attracts birds.  Grows 5-6 feet tall.

Thundercloud – Blue green foliage. Winter food source for wild birds. Remains standing until spring for superb winter interest.  Grows 7-8 feet tall.

Ruby Ribbons Switch Grass – Excellent late summer- fall colors.  As weather gets colder, its rich red color darkens. Grows 4-5 feet tall.

* Not yet priced