The Scott Farm Orchard depends on a variety of talented and generous people. Some of them have played a part in the annual operations at the Farm while others have offered their photos, their talents, and their time. In this section we want to present you to those who have been important contributors.

Michaela Medina Harlow,, has been a long term advocate for the Farm and when we had to rebuild the site she surprised us by generously offering her photos so we could present all of Scott Farm once again. She will still surprise us from time to time with an unannounced delivery of a new set of images, including a spectacular collection of an early Spring morning aerial view, piloted by William Bonnette, of the orchards in bloom.

Diane Heileman, DLH Photography,, started working under contract in the very late Spring of “13 and subsequently spent hours enjoying and recording the beauty of the Farm. 

Kelly Fletcher,, has been hired on occasions to capture the fun and activity that takes place on the Farm during our events. Many of her images now populate this website. She has a fabulously artistic eye and a refreshing perspective.