Our Orchardist

Zeke Goodband Orchardist at Scott FarmZeke Goodband, Scott Farm’s Orchardist

Zeke Goodband has been growing heirloom fruit since the mid-1970s. A seed crop grower to start with, his life’s work changed the day he walked into an abandoned orchard in Maine. There were deep purple apples, rough skinned russets, rubenesque ruby globes. He took cuttings (you can’t keep varieties going from seed) and started a nursery. Over the years he and his family moved through northern New England, always taking his nursery along.

He settled down at Scott Farm in 2001 and since then has collected and grafted more than 125 varieties to the Scott Farm Heirloom Collection. When the “pilgrims” that make their way to the Scott Farm Market every fall ask him his favorite variety, he tells them that they are all his favorites, but maybe it’s the last Apple just picked that’s his very favorite.

More about Zeke:

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