Growing Practices

Learning ladder

A long time ago, Zeke Goodband, our orchard manager, learned that the less he sprayed the orchard, the less he had to spray. Zeke’s formal educational training was in the field of ecology; he realized early in his orcharding career that if he respected the orchard as an ecosystem there were fewer “pest” problems.

Our goal at the Scott Farm Orchard has been to enhance the biodiversity of the orchard ecosystem – the more complex the ecosystem, the more stable it becomes, minimizing the potential for significant pest explosions. We have moved beyond organic into what we call ecologically grown fruit.

When an insect or disease can’t be controlled adequately through our cultural and biological approach, we will choose a material to spray that will disrupt the orchard ecosystem as little as possible. We are quite willing to accept cosmetic blemishes on our fruit knowing that it will be safe for our staff, families, friends, and you, our customers, to enjoy.

We love to hear the tree frogs singing in the orchard.