Heirloom Apple Gift Boxes

Scott Farm Apple Gift BoxesHeirloom Apple Boxes from Scott Farm Orchard make a unique and delicious gift! They are available when the apples are ready for harvest, starting in mid-September into November.

Apple Varieties Change Daily for a Delicious Surprise!

Each selection is different depending on the time of harvest—the varieties change daily so you can count on a delicious surprise! We will choose the best of the heirlooms available at the time of your order and send a sampling with a few different varieties. The box will also include a card with a description of each apple variety, its history, and best use; with space for a personalized message should you want to include one.

Available in Two Sizes Free Shipping

Gift boxes are available in 12 or 18 counts. Shipping is free via USPS Priority Mail.  Orders are shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays to insure arrival to their destination before the weekend.

12 Count Box: $30. Plus $1.80 tax totaling of $31.80

18 Count Box: $40. Plus $2.40 tax totaling $42.40  

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Thank you and we hope you and your friends will enjoy Scott Farm’s Heirloom Apple Gift Boxes!